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A telecaller is a representative of the company that makes calls on their behalf to prospective leads for making sales and marketing products. Telecallers are important to companies for providing excellent customer service, building a foundation for customer loyalty, and improving brand image. There is a high demand for telecallers in the telecalling marketplace.

The day-to-day work of a telecaller involves calling leads, following up on existing leads or customers, handling inquiries, and assisting customers with technical difficulties. They are usually employed by call centers and BPOs or in-house telecalling teams of companies.  Having adequate time management skills to handle the bulk of calls is a necessary skill that a telecaller should have.

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Customer Care Executive WFH Job



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1.75-2.5 Lacs P.A.

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Voice Process Associate

Reliance Jio


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1.75-2.5 Lacs P.A.

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Telecaller Job Description

A telecaller calls leads to market a company’s products and services. The demand for telecallers is very high among companies with a higher need for customer engagement and increased focus on brand reputation. Let’s have a look at the job description:
  • Reaching out to leads to generate sales opportunities and market products.
  • Helping customers with product queries and following up on existing customers for a personalized user experience.
  • Acknowledging client problems and providing solutions suited to the client.
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telecaller Job Description

Responsibilities of a Telecaller

Telecallers are vital to organizations for generating sales and maintaining excellent customer relations. They have a vital function within businesses, actively interacting with customers, creating leads, offering support, and nurturing connections, leading to increased sales and enhanced customer contentment. Here are a few of their responsibilities:
  • Call leads to generate sales and follow up on existing customers to provide additional rewards and benefits.
  • Manage inbound calls to manage inquiries, offer information, and aid with customer concerns effectively.
  • Knowledge of all company divisions and direct potential opportunities to these areas for further follow-up.
  • Keeping in touch with the latest company products and services for catering to customer inquiries.
  • Collect feedback from customer interactions to provide insights and recommendations to the management.

Telecaller Job Salary

The salary of a telecaller ranges somewhere between 1 LPA to 3 LPA with an average of around 1.8 LPA. The average estimated take-home salary is between INR 12000 to INR 14000

Top Skills To Include for telecaller

Essential Telecaller Skills

These are some of the skills that employers look for in a telecaller:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Committed to extended work hours
  • Goal-driven
  • Time management skills to handle the bulk of inbound calls
  • Effective persuasion and negotiation skills.
  • Empathy and Patience
telecaller  Roles And Responsibilities

Sample Resume And Cover Letter For Telecallers

Review the sample resume and cover letter for reference and increase your chances of landing a job.

Sample Cover Letter For Telecaller

Telecaller Cover Letter

Sample Resume For Telecaller

telecaller job Resume

Success Stories of Our Telecalling Experts

In the words of our Telecalling Experts

“Home is my comfort zone and SquadStack gave me a chance to earn from my comfort zone, while being able to take care of my kids and my family.”

Salma Burhan

Salma Burhan

Telecalling Expert

“For me, financial freedom is also about job satisfaction, and working at SquadStack gives me that.”

Riya Rai

Riya Rai

Telecalling Expert

“Yahan par flexibility milti hai kaam karne ki, hum kahi par bhi, kabhi bhi kaam kar sakte hain.”



Telecalling Expert

“Aap independent ho, apni khud ki kamaai kar rahe ho aur apni family ke saath time bhi bita rahe ho. Iss se badi baat kya ho sakti hai aap ke liye?”

Anushree Hemanth

Anushree Hemanth

Telecalling Expert
Career Growth For Telecaller Job

Telecallers have a lot of prospects. With a good track record and leadership qualities, they can move into telemarketing executive, sales roles, customer service management, training and development, quality assurance, and other leadership roles.

  • Performance-based Promotions: Many companies have a structured performance evaluation system where telecallers are promoted based on their performance metrics such as call conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores, and sales targets achieved.
  • Team Leader/Supervisor: Telecallers who demonstrate strong leadership skills, ability to motivate and manage teams, and consistently meet or exceed targets may be promoted to roles like team leader or supervisor. In these roles, they are responsible for guiding and managing a team of telecallers.
  • Training and Quality Assurance: Experienced telecallers may transition into roles focused on training new hires or ensuring quality standards in call handling. This could involve developing training modules, conducting coaching sessions, and monitoring calls for adherence to scripts and quality guidelines.
  • Sales or Account Management: Telecallers with a knack for sales and relationship-building may transition into sales roles or account management positions. This often involves nurturing client relationships, upselling or cross-selling products/services, and managing client accounts.

Top FAQs for Telecaller Job

1. What does a telecaller do?

Telecallers are tasked with marketing a company’s products and services. They clear customer queries, assist with buying journeys, technical difficulties, and any other support a customer may need.

2. What are the essential skills of a telecaller?

Some crucial skills for a telecaller include good communication, time management, goal orientation, empathy, politeness, negotiation, and persuasion skills. Basic computer skills also come in handy.

3. What are the working hours for a telecaller?

The working hours of telecallers vary according to the company and sector.Some telecallers have fixed working hours while others have flexible work timings depending on the target audience and time zone.
4. How is performance measured for telecallers?
Performance metrics for telecallers include call conversion rates, average call duration, sales targets, call quality scores, customer satisfaction scores, and adherence to quality standards. These metrics help assess the effectiveness and efficiency of telecalling activities.

5.  What training and support are provided for telecallers?

Many companies provide telecallers with training in soft skills, product/service knowledge, sales techniques, and familiarity with CRM systems. Constant support and feedback from supervisors are also provided to improve performance.
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