How Specialized Job Platforms Can Streamline Telecaller Recruitment?

Discover challenges in telecalling recruitment and solutions with specialized job platforms. Read this blog to optimize your telecalling workforce.

October 6, 2023


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Himanshu Bajpai

Himanshu Bajpai

How Specialized Job Platforms Can Streamline Telecaller Recruitment?


In 2023, Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, published a report on the number of applications they received for their summer analyst program that year. It turns out that 2,36,000 people applied for roughly 3,000 open positions, making the acceptance rate a dismal 1.27%.

These figures are not exclusive to this company; many sectors and companies in India face a similar issue. But an even bigger problem than a large number of applicants, is the number of applications with unskilled candidate profiles, resumes not fit for the job role, and an inexperienced candidate pool. These factors have made the entire recruitment process quite inefficient, and one sector in India that is facing the brunt of it is the telecalling industry,

Telecalling is a highly personnel and customer-facing operation; thus, the companies require a skilled, trained, experienced, and capable workforce. In order to meet these demands and tackle the high attrition rates, telecalling companies require specialized job portals and an efficient recruitment system in place.

Now, very few specialized job platforms are out there trying to bridge the gap between potential candidates and telecalling companies. But each has its own flaws. In this article, we will try to break down the problems faced by telecalling companies during recruitment and how to streamline this entire process.

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How do Companies Carry Out Telecaller Recruitment?

There are a few ways through which telecalling companies recruit their employees. But as discussed, all of them have their pros and cons. Let's look at some of them to understand how the process works.

Job Platforms

Generally telecalling companies take the help of job portals and recruitment platforms to hire telecallers. They post the job description along with other details, and prospective candidates can apply for the role.

Outsource to HR Consultancy

If a company or call center requires telecallers at a large scale, they may take the help of a specialized HR consultancy. These firms have the task to find candidates for other companies and help with the interview, screening, legal, and compliance process.

Internal Reference System

One of the easiest and trusted methods of recruitment is through references from existing employees. So, if you are looking for a job as a telecaller, talk to one of your friends who is already working in the industry.

Careers Page

Many blue chip companies do not even have to advertise their job posting as prospects check the company’s career pages on a daily basis. So job openings in such companies get filled instantly.

Advantages of Recruiting Through These Avenues

Now that we understand the various methods of telecaller recruitment, the next obvious question is, why do telecalling companies use these methods? The answer lies in the various advantages these methods possess over one another. Thus, depending upon the job description, location, and seniority, telecalling companies decide how to go forward with the process. Let's look at a few of these advantages mentioned below.

Wider Reach

Job platforms have a wider reach to job seekers and prospective candidates. These platforms carry out their own marketing campaigns. thus driving traffic to their platforms and indirectly to your job posting.


HR consultants have the necessary expertise and distribution to recruit capable and qualified candidates at a large scale. In many cases, they even take care of the legalities, compliance, and initial interview process.

Easy access to candidate pool

Some telecalling companies offer their existing employees a good reference bonus for introducing prospective candidates to the company. This way, the telecalling companies can find trusted candidates, and have to spend minimal time on screening, and hire at scale without spending money on outsourcing the process.

Challenges Faced by Telecalling Companies During Recruitment

So far, we know that telecalling companies have a few options to hire telecallers, and all these methods have some or the other advantages. So you may ask, if companies have so many options with various advantages, what seems to be the problem? Well, let’s look at the various challenges faced by telecalling companies during recruitment.

Exhaustive Process

Generally when a company floats a job posting, a large number of candidates end up applying for it. This makes things difficult for the recruiter, as they have to screen 100s of applications before finalizing on the employee.

High cost of Outsourcing

Telecalling companies may end up paying huge commissions to HR consultancy if they want to hire telecallers at a large volume. And after recruitment, the HR consultancy may not take responsibility for any issues caused by the new hires.

High Turnover Ratio

The call center industry is known for its high turnover rate. Many telecallers view this role as temporary, leading to frequent job changes. Recruiting and training new telecallers to replace departing employees can be a constant challenge.

Language Barriers

Telecalling companies require telecallers from various regions who speak local languages. This could be very difficult in situations where the call center operations are centralized and operate from one central location.

Training costs

As we have discussed earlier in this article, One of the key challenges faced by a telecalling company is high attrition rates, due to which training cost tend to ramp up.

Limited reach of recruitment platforms

General recruitment platforms which offer all types of jobs from various sectors and at different positions, may not be able to provide enough prospective candidates for specialized roles such as a telecaller.

Challenges Faced by Telecalling Companies During Recruitment

Solutions for Job Platforms to Streamline Telecaller Recruitment

Now that we are aware about the various challenges in telecaller recruitment and how everything is not ‘hunky-dory’, the next question that we need to answer which also happens to be the primary question around which this article is based on is, what are the solutions for job platforms to streamline telecaller recruitment? Let’s take a look at few of our suggestions,

Targeted job listing

Let's start with the basics, targeted job posting, by writing brief and exact job description is necessary to attract candidates. This has to be followed by targeted campaigns to advertise to only interested candidates.

Candidate screening

It is important to screen candidates even before they apply for the role, this allows telecalling companies to receive resumes of only genuine and suitable candidates.

Skill and experience matching

The pre-application screening can be done through skill and experience matching. This can be done by taking pre-requisite information about work experience, certifications and skills from candidates.

Advanced search filters for candidates

Providing access to advanced filters will allow prospective candidates to set their preferences and search the job postings easily.

Maintaining a resume Database

It is important for telecalling companies to maintain a candidate database in order to make the next recruitment process easier. Having a list of rejected but suitable candidates for the next round of interviews can significantly reduce the candidate search time.

Solutions for Job Platforms to Streamline Telecaller Recruitment

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Why is telecaller recruitment challenging for companies?


Challenges include a high volume of unskilled applications, inefficient recruitment methods, and the need for a specialized workforce.

How do telecalling companies typically recruit?


Telecalling companies utilize various methods, including job platforms, HR consultancy outsourcing, internal references, and company career pages. Each method has its advantages and is chosen based on factors like job description, location, and seniority.

What are the advantages of using job platforms for telecaller recruitment?


Job platforms offer a wider reach, expertise in distribution, and easy access to a candidate pool through existing employee references.

What challenges do telecalling companies face in recruitment?


Challenges include an exhaustive screening process, high outsourcing costs, a high turnover ratio, language barriers, escalating training costs, and limited reach of general platforms.

By implementing targeted job listings, pre-application screening, skill and experience matching, providing advanced search filters, and maintaining a comprehensive resume database.


By implementing targeted job listings, pre-application screening, skill and experience matching, providing advanced search filters, and maintaining a comprehensive resume database.

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